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and consequences and he's not that much older than the teen students. joining us from churchill is steven chaken and the man he prosecuted. his goal is to scare as many teens as possible from driving while intoxicated. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having us. >> steven, tell me more about the event that's going on there today. >> today we are going to be addressing the entire school today about the issues, about public safety, that people are being killed while they drink and drive. we need parents and children to focus on these issues, to understand there are danger zones, after school, friday night, saturday night. if they're not aware of what their children are and what they're doing, they're in danger. we want to save a live and enable others to save people about taking keys and making good decisions. that's our goal to work together to save lives. >> do events like this one, do you think they really drive the point home? >> absolutely. i think that kids listen. when you hear shawn talk about the weight he carries from killing two people, from bein
the idea that terrorists had killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens, it's not clear what, if anything, she was basing that on. last night, the state department said it was not them according to one official, that was not our conclusion. this as congress gets ready for what could be explosive hearings today. when the state department's career bureaucracy takes on a leftist democratic administration and tries to separate itself from a liberal white house, you know the white house has got a big problem. >> reporter: the white house denies there was a coverup but, beyond that, there will be more questions about security at the u.s. compound with new documents showing well over 200 security-related incidents in the 14 months prior to the attack. congress will ask whether the state department ignored signs that could have prevented stevens' death. >> reporter: some democrats are already discounting today's hearings saying they are politically motivated. back to you, allison. >> thanks, sarah. >>> the taliban is claiming responsibility for the shooting of a 14-year-old girl. the teen activist is
with steven dennis about last night's debate. >> but first, there's the park, look at that. it's always interesting, the morning after so much drama and there it sits. tucker and julie will be back with another check on traffic and weather. right now, it's 7:24. you're watching fox 5 morning news. ♪ you don't know where you're going now ♪ but you know you won't be back ♪ well, darling, lay your head upon my chest ♪ ♪ we'll take ♪ man: to some people, social security is just a number. but to me, it's money that i earned. i count on social security. and i don't want washington politicians like george allen... privatizing it. if george allen wants to risk his own money on wall street... that's fine. but i don't want him risking mine. george allen just isn't watching out for us. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees
to two more important gentlemen. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> reporter: steven, we are saying hooray for hollywood and what they are doing. where do things stand now? >> historically, the population of oysters in the bay didn't doing very good. we've had diseases that have depleted our national population. states make a lot of efforts to bring them back, through restoration efforts in the bay and through farms such as this one. >> reporter: when did you start hollywood oyster? >> about two or three years old. >> reporter: not that old. why did you decide to go into it? >> i had been a hobby farmer for eight years, and realized i grew a tasty oyster. >> reporter: you can tell he's into it, because everyone he picks up, don't be offended, because i'm like, yeah, it looks like an oyster, but he's like, isn't this beautiful? it's so gorgeous. i'm like, it looked like the other one, tal, but that's okay. >> we have a couple of acres in the water here. you have more than a million oysters. >> reporter: more than a million out there? >> in that cove. the cove is lined with
stevens, one of the performers. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: it's hard to follow mickey. >> really is. >> reporter: i think you're up for the challenge. you have a really cool story. you didn't start out figure skating. >> i did not. i'm a canadian, so i played hockey. until a couple of years ago, i got it in my head i could skate for disney on ice. and i put on an audition tape. >> reporter: how hard was it to make the transition? >> difficult. but worth it. it makes all the hard work i put into it worth it. >> reporter: you go from wearing hockey gear to wearing these crazy costumes. tell us what it's like to play to an arena filled with kids. >> i was a performer in high school, went through a dramatic arts program. to be in front of an audience this size every day and every show, it's amazing. we come together as a group and put together such a performance and we put out our energy into the venue every week and to have the audience take that in and send it back to us, it's an amazing experience. >> reporter: i always ask when i'm with some of the performers fr
about the movie, most people think when you say you are in war horse they say the movie. steven spielberg saw the original production in london, was so inspired by it that he decided to take the rights and make it into a movie. what you find is that there is something magical about what adrian and bazel have created with joey. there is something a little bit spectacular, beyond belief. >> the thing that i think would be the hardest to capture, which makes the emotions run so high, is the relationship that you have with an animal because you can't really -- he doesn't talk back to you, yet you communicate. to be able to do that on stage must be amazing. >> like anything else, any other relationship you have with a dog, a cat, that is where you infuse it. what is so special about the relationship with animals which is why audiences go to that place and have assist cyril con -- and have a vice sir rail connection, it's beyond words. it makes it a more holistic and pure relationship. >> so, like, when you work with animals you never know, they are unpredictable, do unpredictable thi
, they had some injuries. steven straussberg debate. whether or not we be able to pitch. he has been shut down. who knows, maybe if he can come back in the playoffs but the hot ticket in town right now, the new shirts. and everybody is trying to get a hold of. we got them here. and i know melanie alnwick has them at modell's, so mel, how are sales so far? i guess they got to be brisk this morning. >> well, you're right, dave. we've actually seen a quite a handful of customers coming in this morning. i think nationals fans really knew they wanted to hold out for these. the official championship shirts. because over on this back wall here, there is some post season shirts. those came out when the nationals actually clinched that wildcard. but those didn't sell too well. this is what everybody was waiting for. the east division expect shirts. we have the official shirt, just like the one that the players were wearing last night. and we also have the hats. by the way, if you want to get one of these bryce harper jerseys, they still have some of these. these are the fourth best selling jersey
did include steven straussburg. we talkd about it last hour with craig heist. this is not the exactly team that played in the regular season. everybody gets moved up one spot without straussburg and he got lit up in the first two innings by the cardinals here. alan craig driving in that run in the 1st, and you couldn't get situated in your press box seat and you're already down 1- 0. there goes a three-run home run and it's 4-0. boy, two innings in and you're going, wow, how can you come back. well, they just couldn't get the key hits they needed. morris had the best opportunity here in the 5th with the bases juiced. but it's a lazy fly ball to the right and that was just kind of the way the day went. they lose 8-0. the disheartening part is they've really been outplayed in two straight games, 12-4 and now 8- 0. it's not like these two games have been very close. we're hoping today out of detweiler, the left hander, he's on at 4:00. a big if, if you can get this one, you have your ace in waiting in geo gonzalez tomorrow. you throw everybody you have today, if he struggles early, he w
, we got steven's hardware on the end there, you can see the lights on. and there's been a few people coming in and out, and of course they're ready to help people any way they can with any supplies that they might need. then really probably the other critical place that's been the most busy is starbucks. which we just happen to be right across the street from. i don't know how that happens. anyway, there's been lots of people going in and out there and asking them, they're like listen, no matter what mother nature brings our way, we need our coffee. they've been going in there, sharing their stories about how they're going to ride out the storm, and talking about, you know, last summer, last august when we were dealing with hurricane irene, how they their that and what they're doing differently this time and really, for the most part, there is not a lot of panic here in annapolis where we are. people are like it's coming, we're ready, we'll deal with the rest then. that's the latest here from annapolis, we don't have much more. we'll leave you with that wonderful shot with the little
steven straussberg. >> thaif, dave. let me ask you, to comment on what you were saying because were you there from the very beginng. seven years, not really a long time. it has been a long time for washingtonians over the whole period of decades but for the nationals, seven years, not bad. >> not at all. very quick. when you think about the long suffering cubs fans who have not won anything since the 1910 time frame. and the red sox before, they broke their curse, back in 2004, we're talking about, you know, 50, 60, 70 years. and to do it in seven years, to win a division title, it is really impressive and you have to tip your cap to davey johnson and mike rizzo, the front office, they have done a great job. the warner family. they've done it the right way. building in the draft. and they did that with guys like steven straussberg. and guys like bryce harper. and going out and trading for geo gonzalez last year who has already won 20 games. they put together the team the right way. and i don't think this is is a flash in the pan. i don't think this is a one-hit wonder. i think the nats
the true cause of the attacks that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. secretary clinton says the state department, not the white house, is in charge of security. >>> meantime, the united states is reportedly ready to strike back at al-qaeda for the consulate attack on 9/11. white house sources say the main problems are finding a target and dealing with any political fallout overseas and any military strike in response to the libya assault may be seen as a political move so close to the november election. >>> 7:14 now. tucker barnes rejoins us with another look at today's weather. man, yesterday? that -- where i was at least, that rain you know it was a little misty then all of a sudden boom. it really came down for a few minutes. >> where i was it was just a big scary looking dark clouds. >> ominous? you get thunderstorms? >> no. >> a couple of flashes of lightning out there yesterday as well. all of it's cleared the coast and we're in for cooler weather today with lots of sunshine and a nice midweek pattern. >> honestly i'd prefer cooler sunshine as opposed to n
many blamed the protests and discounted the idea that terrorists killed chris stevens, it's unclear what she was basing that on. the u.s. state department, that was not them. according to one official, that was not our conclusion. this as congress gets ready for some explosive hearings. >> what the state department bureaucracy distances itself from the liberal white house, you know the white house has a big problem. >> reporter: the white house denies there was a coverup. beyond that, more questions about security at the u.s. compound with documents showing well over 200 security-related incidents in the past 14 months. they will ask why the state department ignored some signs. some democrats in congress are using republicans of making a political issue out of all of this. >> doug luzader on the hill, thank you. >>> you mentied doug mention that anti-islam film that sparked protests in the mid the east. he is now going to appear in court today. mark yousef has eight vials. >>> and the u.s. supreme court is about to take up a case that could have implications nationwide. they are abo
. >> i know no one wants to talk about this, you're talking about steven straussburg. that's the question that's on everybody's mind today, what if, what if, what if. we know he's not going to be back, but let's play the game, >> you're never going to know the answer to the question because the only way this issue goes away is if they win the whole thing. and even if they win the whole thing, there'll be people out there saying, look, you -- look what you denied him the opportunity to do. the bottom line is this was a decision that we knew was coming before spring training even started. and we knew he was going to get shut down, we knew the inning limit was going to be about 160 and it is what it is. they're doing this for the long- term benefit of his career. i applaud mike rizzo and company for sticking to their guns with this no matter what the outcome of this is going to be because the way this staff pitched all year, they're good enough to win short series without him. >> i like that, craig. let's talk about the other team you covered before the nats came into town and that was the o
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